Transitional Living 7: What is Sober Living?

After attending a treatment facility, a person in addiction recovery is generally recommended to attend a sober living/transitional living facility.  Although treatment facilities may completely change a substance abuser’s behaviors, the needed accountability a sober living facility provides is crucial to maintain recovery. 

So what does sober living offer?  Sober living offers continued accountability, support from professionals, support from peers also in recovery, a safe place to live, group support and so much more.  Without an evironment to remind a person of his or her addiction, a relapse is highly possible.  A relapse is still possible even in a sober living environment, but when a relapse does occur, the professionals can immediately take action, address the situation and help guide the individual back to the path of recovery.  At Living Recovery Inc., we do just that- keep the substance abuser on track and help pick them up when they fall off track.

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