Sober Living 7: Heroin Use Rises in the Suburbs

Heroin.  To hear someone you know is on heroin is almost as bad as hearing a judge rattle off a life sentence – promising a life of pain, misery, and possibly death.  To many however, the possibility of ever using heroin or having someone close to you use heroin is as far fetched as mickey mouse walking through your front door idea.  Maybe the fact that heroin users generally inject the drug into their vein is the reason we tend to not fear of heroin becoming an issue with someone we know.  I mean, to get to a position where you have to inject a drug into your vein is simply not fathonable for many people.

What if this all changed – the whole process of using a needle to get high off heroin?  What if heroin was manufactured in a form that allowed a user to simply snort the drug like cocaine or methamphetamine?  Would the fear of someone using heroin feel closer to home?  What if heroin use was rising in the suburbs, nearly touching your own backyard.  Would you be scared then?  Well get ready because heroin is being manufactured in a powder from that can be snorted.  Get ready because heroin use has increased in the suburbs.  Get ready because heroin is here to take lives.  Watch this video by Target 5 News about heroin being manufactured in powder form causing an increase of usage in the suburbs.

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