Transitional Living 5: Eliminating Friends in Addiction Recovery

When recovery becomes a serious part of an addict’s life, the decision to eliminate old using friends will eventually have to be made.  Associating with people who are in their active addiction is a recipe for a relapse.  The good time memories connected to drugs and alcohol are too closely associated with ‘using’ friends to still be hanging out with people that use.  Remember addiction plays off feelings therefore associating with people who still use drugs or alcohol will create only one memory, the good feelings of using drugs and alcohol.  The realityof where addiction is truly centered; pain, suffering, shame, guilt, misery and emabrsment will dissaper leaving only the addiction to be in control.  So why risk it?  

Treating an addiction means letting go of an old lifestyle and embracing a lifestyle polar opposite of the using lifestyle.  Yes, this means eliminating friends or people that use drugs or alcohol no matter how long the addict has known the friends.  Even if the frienship was developed before the addict and the friend used together, the memorable feelings of using together will be too strong to resisit.  Addiction will slip back in, whispering, tempting and destroying any attempts at recovery.  Besides take out the substances in a relationship based around drugs and alcohol and what’s left?  Nothing really… probally only awkwardness. 

Think about this… isn’t a lost friendship better than losing your own life?

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