Transitional Living 6: Addiction Recovery-7 Ways to get High

Many people consider addiction to be a disease of feelings.  A disease of feelings means people with a substance abuse disorder use drugs and alcohol to feel good no matter what repercussions they may incur.  To make recovery more enjoyable after the drugs have been taken away, something other than a drug or drink needs to create a positive affect.  Below is a list of 7 ideas to create a positive mood.  However, these 7 ideas require work which is opposite of the passive methods of getting high through drugs and alcohol.  Feeling good in recovery is possible, it just takes work.    

1. Help Someone:  To perform a self-less act for the benefit of another person is by far the best way to achieve a natural high.  During an active addiction, life is full of selfish behaviors so why not perform a behavior that is polar opposite of a substance abuser’s lifestyle.  If you are serious about recovery, engaging in self-less acts is the best way to treat the addiction.

2.Exercise:  Any form of exercise, whether it’s intense, average, or slow is a good way to feel good.  Try going for a morning hike to enhance the experience or go for a jog when the sun is rising.  Make exercising more than something you have to do, make exercise a natural high.

3. Read a good book:  Reading for leisure is a sure way of changing from a substance abusing lifestyle to a healthy sober lifestyle.  Discover a book that captures your interest, then find a cozy spot to read.  You could light a fire, brew a cup of coffee, turn on a mood light, or light some candles to create the optimal environment.  Remember using drugs and alcohol made you feel good so now you must create a healthy habit that makes you feel good as well.

4. Check off the To-Do-List:  You know that list of things you’ve said you were going to do for the last six months?  Well now that you are clear headed, it’s time to tackle that list.  Accomplishment is a sure way of boosting your self-esteem and gaining a little high to enhance your mood.  Now is the time, just do it already!

5.  Tell three people you love them:  Pick three people currently in your life and simply tell them how much you love and appreciate them.  Don’t expect anything back, just express your love.

6. Apologize:  This may be a bit harder and may not sound appealing but you will achieve a strong high.  Guilt and shame can really damage your mood but to have the burden lifted will feel incredible.  Because apologizing is no easy task,  plan to apologize to only one person and apologize for only one thing. 

7. Do something you enjoy:  We all have activities we enjoy doing.  Maybe you like to paint, or maybe you like to write, or maybe you like to play tennis or a game of chess, whatever you like to do, picking up activities that you enjoyed doing before substances snuffed everything else out is extremely important in recovery.  You must find activities to fill you time, helping to keep your mind off using drugs and alcohol.

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